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Harvard Model Congress Asia

Global Leaders International Schools students participated in the 2020 Harvard Model Congress Asia, at the University of Tokyo on January 11th to 12th. Students from more than 20 countries gathered to discuss and debate challenging issues facing the world's governments, and strived to formulate policies to address them. The GLIS delegation performed admirably, with Oorjit Mishra from grade 12, receiving an honourable mention for his valuable contribution to the discussions.

As part of the committee, Oorjit served as the delegate of Afghanistan. In the three days they, scrutinized, analysed and debated, and Oorjit co-authored two bills. Both bills passed the committee level. During the International Summit, Oorjit presented the bills, together with co-authors. They were also able to pass the bills in the same summit. Overall, Oorjit played a significant role in this democratic endeavour.

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