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  1. Please submit the following documents:

    • Student Application Form

    • Photocopy of most recent School Report Card (Form 138)
      *at least First Term Grades

    • Photocopy of Certificate of Birth (PSA/NSO copy or State copy)

  2. Schedule Entrance Assessment and Interview

  3. Release of Application Results

  4. Submit all Enrollment Requirements

  5. Payment of School Tuition and Fees


  1. Original copy of Certificate of Birth (PSA/NSO copy or State copy)

  2. Original School Report Card (Form 138)

  3. Student Health Form (Completed)

  4. Medical Certificate (6 months validity)

  5. Photos of Student Applicant (white background):

  6. 2 pcs. 1x1 size pictures

For Foreign Passport Holders, accompanying items 1 to 6:

  • Copy of current Passport or copy of Parent/s’ Passport, if not applicable;

  • Copy of current Family Sponsored Visa, if not applicable;

  • Copy of Students ACR

*A Student is not considered enrolled until all the requirements are submitted, the tuition scheme selected, and necessary fees are paid.

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